The Hawai’i Collection

I spent 5 years of my life living on The Big Island of Hawai’i. I fulfilled my dreams of working beside Marine Mammals in education, research and conservation here. I grew an extended family, whom some are pictured below. I learned how to sew and planted a seed in ELLERALI on this island. In 2019, I went back and built this collection in the sewing studio in Kona that was ran by my first sewing teacher, Linda. For a month, I worked full time with animals, and then on my days off, worked in the studio to build this collection. Each piece was recreated from items I picked up at local thrift stores around the island. The Big Island is magical, and I am so grateful to have called it home for years.

Hawaiian’s are protesting against the building of a 30 meter telescope on one of their most sacred mountains, Mauna Kea.

“This development (18 stories, 8 acre construction footprint) would multiply industrial land use on Mauna Kea, forever altering the natural beauty and sacred vista of the northern plateau. Construction will impact fragile habitats of native plants and animals found only on Mauna Kea, with no guarantee of restoration when the lease term ends, in a mere 21 years.” Cited Source

A portion of the proceeds from this collection have been donated to Aloha ‘Āina Support Fund

The Aloha ‘Āina Support Fund prioritizes funding for direct actions, including provision of bail where appropriate, supplies, transportation, technical services, and community meetings convened for such purposes.