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Please email me at if interested in custom. Pricing will vary depending on item. Thank you.


Watch our How To: ELLERALI Custom Video HERE

Please DM / Email before purchasing.

Send us your shirts and we’ll recreate it for you!

Choose between a crop top, t-shirt, or fly dress.

*shipping not included and additional cost may apply for measurement adjustments.

How it works:

    1. Collect your second hand shirts.
    2. Email me at elle@ellerali with your photos and interested item to discuss.
    3. Purchase your order here.
    4. Mail your shirts to ELLERALI
    5. Once received, we will discuss a design pattern.
    6. Let me do my thhaanng, and I will send you the vision of the item.
    7. Once approved, all sales are final and shirts will be cut and recreated.
    8. Please allow 2-3 weeks for items to be recreated and shipped out.

    19745 Colima Rd # 124
    Rowland Heights, CA 91748

    Enjoy your recreated piece!


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    Upcycled Custom T-Shirt to remember special concert memories with her late boyfriend

    Golden State Warriors Custom Reversible Upcycled Dress

    Upcycled Custom T-Shirt for Berkeley High School Teacher